vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Charleroi - Drie gevangenen ontsnapt, cipier gegijzeld

CHARLEROI - Three prisoners took a guard hostage, who forced her to open all the doors of the prison. They beated another guard who tried to intervene. Once outside the prison, the three prisoners forced her to get in her car. They drove away with her, and a bit further two prisoners got out of the car. The two carjacked another vehicle and drove away. The guard was released, unharmed, several hours later alongside a highway in France.

The guards went on strike to protest against the recent wave of violent escapes. Also guards from other prisons joined the strike. In the meanwhile, police is threatening to go also on strike because they have to replace the striking guards. Last year, in 2010, more than 6000 cops had to do duty in the prisons to replace striking guards.