vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Brussel - Wilde betoging tijdens algemene staking

BRUSSELS - After the appeal "Et si on jouait?" (see http://etsionjouait.wordpress.com/) on the occasion of the general strike against the austerity measures, about 100 personnes came together on the Place Jeu de Balles in the Marolles. From there, with fireworks and firecrackers, the demo marched towards Saint-Gilles. On the way, numerous tags and spray-painting. On the banners: "Serrons les poings, pas les ceintures. Ni flic ni fric"; "Brûle le frik" "Ni patrie, ni patron, n'arrêtront nos rébellions".
Once into saint-Gilles, vans of riot police amass behind the demo, and a police vehicle with a camera mounted on the roof in front. At a certain point, cops jump out of the car. The comrades still try to oppose, but the anti-riot police charges. Two comrades got injured on their heads (by beating with telescopic sticks). The demo dispersed, and in the running the police vehicle with the camera gets somewhat damaged: windows broken, bar-choc ripped off... Finally, 22 persons got arrested, all were released during the night, but two persons will receive a convocation because they were arrested "juridically", which means they will be accused of something else then just public disorder.