woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Brugge - Brandstichting in isolatiemodule

BRUGES - While the guards were on strike, a prisoner put fire to his cell in the isolation unit of the prison. This unit was constructed two years ago to isolate the most rebellious prisoners and was already once destroyed during a uprising about a year ago. Police intervened to evacuate twenty prisoners, one of them inhaled smoke but is now all right. The cell is completely destroyed, the other cells of the isolation unit are also damaged and it seems that the isolation unit is again closed.


Parijs - Aanval in solidariteit tegen Bouygues

"In the night of 17th to 18th October, in the 18th arrondissement, a shop of Bouygues was attackad and its shop window destroyed. A tag, "Fire to the prisons", was left on the spot.

Bouygues is not only a seller of electronical ties, but also one of the biggist prison and detention centre constructors in France.

This action was realised in solidarity with the comrades arrested after the demonstration of the 1th of October in Brussels. As long as this society stays in place, prisons will have beautifull days ahead.

Let's destroy the prisons, let's demolish capitalism."


Brussel - Vleugel gevangenis Vorst onder water gelopen

Vleugel B van de gevangenis van Vorst moet binnenkort een tijdlang dicht voor een volledige herstelling. Dat heeft minister van Justitie Stefaan De Clerck (CD&V) gezegd na een bezoek aan de gevangenis.

Vorige week was er al een verzakking in Vleugel B. Daardoor werd de gelijkvloerse verdieping onbruikbaar. De zestig gevangenen van de afdeling moesten geevacueerd worden en verblijven voorlopig ergens anders.

Dat is een tijdelijke oplossing, want voor de herstelling moet de vleugel volledig ontruimd worden.


Luik - Brand vernielt Hallen 'Securipol'

LIEGE - Fire erupted, police still investigating if it was arson, just after the closure of 'Securipol', a security event where companies and police presented their security material. A big part of the huge event hall burned down, 15 persons were still inside of the huge building and where slightly intoxicated.


Mons - Poging tot ontsnapping met explosief, relletjes en brandstichting

MONS - Thursday evening, during the walk, unknown persons threw explosives over the prison wall. Three prisoners used the explosives to blast open the gate, but the explosion was not strong enough. Several other prisoners were also waiting to run away...

Friday, the guards went on strike to protest against this escape. In response, prisoners started to break down things and tried to put fire to a building, which failed.


Nordin Benallal uitgeleverd aan België

BELGIUM - Nordin Benallal, who was detained in de isolation unit of the prison of Vught in the Netherlands, has been extradited to Belgium. Nordin escaped in 2007 from a Belgian prison and was caught a bit later after a robbery in the Netherlands. He still has to face trial for this escape, and already have sentences for robberies and shooting at the cops.

For years already, Nordin is actively fighting against the prisons.