donderdag 16 december 2010

Luik - Brandstichting tegen politiecombi en kantoor

LUIK - Rond 1u 's nachts drongen onbekenden binnen op de koer van een politiekantoor in Luik. Ze staken een combi in de fik waarin ook een nieuwe verkeersradar zat. Het voertuig, de radar en een deel van het gebouw liepen zware schade op door de brandstichting.


Sint-Gillis - Flik aangevallen tijdens cipiersstaking

SAINT-GILLES - With the prison guards yet again on strike, already for three days, police took over the control of the prison. A prisoner attacked a cop inside of the prison and injured him.


Lantin - Cipiersstaking na verwonding cipier

LANTIN - Guards did a spontaneous strike of one day to protest against yet another guard who was injured during an "intervention" against the prisoners. Police and the Civil Protection took over the control of the prison during the strike.


Charleroi - Brandstichting tegen Technische School

CHARLEROI - In the night of Sunday to Monday, fire was put to the buildings of a Technical School in Charleroi just afer 3h 'o clock. Several cars stationed inside the hangar of the mecanic division burned and damaged the building.


Tubize - Overvaller doodgeschoten, herdenkingsmars en auto's in de fik

TUBIZE - During a robbery in a jewelry, one youngster, Flavien (16 years), is killed by the owner of the jewel shop. The robbers were two, they had fake weapons with them. The owner used his hunting rifle to kill one and to hold the other one, Hassan, till the police arrived. Hassan is now in prison and refuses to collaborate with the police.

A few days later, friends of Flavien organised a march to commemorate their friend and to march to the jewellery. About 100 youngsters showed up next to the center of the small city. The Federal Police and anti-riot squads were very present and blocked the center completely, while the mayor prohibited all gathering. At the beginning of the march, some people started to attack the cops with stones. Then the family of Flavien arrived, asking for calm and saying litteraly "we are not here to make revolution". The march ended therefore calmly.

In the days following the march, cars were put on fire in several regions around Tubize and in the French speaking part of Belgium:
8/12/2010, Tubize: car put on fire in the "Street of Democracy".
8/12/2010, Charleroi: three cars put on fire.
9/12/2010, Jemeppe: five cars put on fire on different spots of the small city.
9/12/2010, Ottignies: car put on fire on the parking of the station in the "Lane of Human Rights".
9/12/2010, Liège: four cars put on fire on different spots.

Fellow shop owners are planning a march to support the jeweller who shot the robber on the 18th of December

Seraing - Twee graafmachines in brand gestoken

SERAING - 's Namiddags werden op een bouwwerf twee graafmachines in brand gestoken in de Rue de la Banque. De twee machines werden volledig vernield.