maandag 11 oktober 2010

Brussel - Kantoren van Serco aangevallen

"Last night the Serco Offices in Brussels were attacked with hammers, bricks and paint. Windows were smashed and 'Fuck Serco: Death to Detention Centers' was painted on the windows and walls.

This happend because of Serco's continued involvement in detention centers around the world. It was fueled by our collective anger at the brutal prison regimes which encompass this society.

It was a small act of love, rage and defiance. Love of the small moments of freedom we all seek and occasioally achieve. Rage at the systems which imprison those who seek such freedom, the systems which place coporate finance and power above the lives of individuals. Defiance at those who seek to profit from systems of abuse and control; defiance at those who use their power to maintain the systems that destroy us all.

We act in solidarity with all of those who are imprisoned for seeking freedom; whether they be those in Serco run detention centres or anarchists and inserrectionists such as the 35 mapuche prisoners, and the 14 imprisoned anarchists in chile.

This act is but one act. it lives in union with all acts which wage war on the industrial prison complex and the border regime."