woensdag 2 januari 2013

Camions en bestelwagens in brand gestoken

FLEMALLE – In the industrial zoning, unknown persons put two trucks of a private company on fire. Both were destroyed. (31/12/2012)
MOUSCRON – Early in the morning, a van and another vehicle were put on fire and destroyed. (31/12/2012)
LIEGE – Since several days, a wave of arsons against vehicles and vans touches the region and city of Liege. Last night, a company van was put on fire on the parking lot of a commercial centre in Herstal. The fire threatened to spread to the nearby commercial building, but firemen prevented further damage. (30/12/2012)
BRUSSELS – Several vehicles were put on fire in the neigbourhood of Schaerbeek. No arrests were made. (26/12/2012)